SmackDown results: Fatal 4-Way combatants pushed Friday night 'Over the Limit'

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May 11, 2012

Chris Jericho def. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus by Disqualification

After fighting to the ropes in order to break his foe’s Walls of Jericho submission maneuver in the height of their main event showdown, Sheamus sent the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion over the top rope and crashing down to the ringside floor.

Moments later, Alberto Del Rio emerged, looking to make a statement as he attacked the fallen Jericho and threw him into the steel ring steps. He managed to get the jump on The Celtic Warrior, locking him in the cross armbreaker.

Randy Orton soon joined the party, seeking payback on Del Rio for their altercation earlier in the evening. But, while he fell into an argument with The Great White over which one of them had the right to attack his target more, Jericho reemerged from nowhere, delivering the Codebreaker to the war-torn Del Rio. Then Orton and Sheamus each asserted his own ground by hitting the RKO and the Brogue Kick on Del Rio respectively.

What will happen when all four competitors are unleashed on each other in the Fatal 4-Way World Title Match at WWE Over the Limit? (MATCH PREVIEW)

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