SmackDown results: Sheamus overcame two-times the pain

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May 04, 2012

Randy Orton & Big Show def. Kane & Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

“Extreme” fallout hit SmackDown in a big way, as the competitors of two of last Sunday’s explosive showdowns joined forces.

Just when Big Show looked poised to hit the chokeslam on Cody Rhodes, Kane knocked him off his game with a fierce attack off the top rope. Moments later, The Big Red Monster was taken out by Randy Orton’s RKO. Rhodes recovered, though, hurling The Viper into the steel ring post. But, when he attempted the Disaster Kick on Show, the recovered giant stopped him with a powerful hit to the chest – setting up the WMD on the Intercontinental Champion for the victory.  

On the heels of triumph, The World’s Largest Athlete looked fully prepared for his Intercontinental Title rematch, which the SmackDown announce team declared would take place during a WWE Live Event this weekend.

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