SmackDown results: Sheamus bested Henry in a prelude to the Extreme

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April 27, 2012

Michael Cole conducted an exclusive interview with Randy Orton

Playing it safe in an exclusive interview made possible by Mr. Laurinaitis, Michael Cole reminded his serpentine guest that the General Manager had forbid Superstars from touching announcers – following Brock Lesner’s attack on Josh Mathews on Raw SuperShow (WATCH). In response, Orton reminded Cole that, when pushed, he was not known for being the most rational of competitors.

The focus then moved to Kane, who The Viper will face in two days at Extreme Rules. Orton made it clear that their Falls Count Anywhere Match will go above and beyond winning or losing. Though his nemesis is known as The Devil’s Favorite Demon, WWE’s Apex Predator proclaimed that not even the Devil himself is capable of unleashing the hell that he will bring this Sunday.

When a visibly irate Jinder Mahal interrupted in order to poke a stick at Orton, the nine-time World Champion asked him one simple question: “Are you an announcer?” When the Punjabi Superstar responded in the negative, he quickly found himself the victim of the RKO.