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SmackD'jour March 09, 2012

The March 9 edition of SmackDown gave the WWE Universe plenty to cheer about. But, the night’s standout moment came when United States Champion Santino Marella battled his way out of the steel cage to overcome Jack Swagger and retain his illustrious title in heroic fashion. ( WATCH PHOTOS | FULL RESULTS)

Scheduled by board-appointed SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis – and with Vickie Guererro and Dolph Ziggler at ringside – the U.S. Title Match seemed to put Santino at a distinct disadvantage. However, thanks to the first-ever through-the-cage-Cobra, the Italian Superstar neutralized an interfering Show-Off and evened the odds.

SmackDown: Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger â€" United States Title Steel Cage Match

SmackDown: Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger – United States Title Steel Cage Match

Turning his attention back to his challenger, Santino would ultimately escape The All-American American’s dreaded ankle lock, sending him stumbling toward the cage door just as Guerrero was slamming it shut. Wham! The awe-struck former World Heavyweight Champion went flying back to the canvas, causing the WWE Universe to explode and the tenacious champion crawled through to victory.

Santino emerged from his first title defense triumphant. Swagger, on the other hand, would go home with a headache … this time only partially caused by Vickie’s screaming.

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