SmackDown results: Laurinaitis' attempt to prove his worth ends in crowd chaos

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March 08, 2012

Drew McIntyre def. Hornswoggle

Though Theodore Long fired Drew McIntyre one week ago (WATCH), acting GM Laurinaitis gave him an opportunity to regain his job against a “mystery opponent.” While, at first, it looked like that competitor might be an emerging Great Khali, David Ortunga soon revealed that it was actually a very reluctant Hornswoggle.

In the one-sided carnage that followed, the referee had no choice but to stop the match, deciding that Swoggle could not continue. As a result, McIntyre earned his job back. However, the gigantic Khali offered his own version of congratulations to the newly-rehired grappler, delivering a powerful post-match Punjabi chop to Drew as he celebrated.