SmackDown results: Laurinaitis' attempt to prove his worth ends in crowd chaos

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March 08, 2012

Teddy Long def. John Laurinaitis

One week after John Laurinaitis’ stunning announcement that he might put Theodore Long’s girlfriend Aksana in a match against Kane (WATCH), the board-appointed SmackDown GM set up a match between himself and Teddy. He then added a special stipulation that if Mr. Long emerged triumphant, Aksana would have to face The Big Red Monster after all. (WATCH)

Once the bell rang in their match, Laurinaitis told Teddy to “lay down.” When his proud opponent refused, “Mr. Excitement” called Kane down to the ring. But, as The Devil's Favorite Demon was about to enter the squared circle, Randy Orton came from nowhere and hit the horrific Superstar with the RKO. As an exasperated Laurinaitis turned his attention to The Viper, Teddy seized the opening and rolled up his GM counterpart for the three-count.

Before the defeated Laurinaitis could follow through on his threat to have Aksana face Kane, Teddy and the beautiful Diva made their way out of the building.