15 of WWE’s All Time High-Risk Finishers

Killswitch (Christian)

Christian’s signature finisher seems simple enough to pull off. Approaching from behind and wrapping his arms around those of his opponent, Captain Charisma then twirls himself to secure and extend his adversary’s arms. Then, the Canadian Superstar needs only to drop backward to drive his foe’s head directly into the ring apron for the knockout blow.

It’s a thing of beauty when Christian connects the Killswitch, but the devil is in the details. Christian willingly locks his arms while going through the maneuver’s motions, meaning his entire upper body is exposed if things go awry for any reason. If the blond battler can’t overpower his rival enough to twirl him or takes too long to drop, he leaves himself helpless to stop a counterattack by a resilient opponent.

Though his in-ring experience helps him read the ongoing situation and decide if it’s time to go for the Killswitch, Captain Charisma still risks his momentum and his chances at victory when he wraps up his latest target for the final blow.