25 Stunning Royal Rumble Match statistics

Entry number with the most Rumble victories: 27 (4 times)

It’s easy to see that drawing a number toward the end of the Royal Rumble Match has its advantages. One could just as easily assume that the last Superstar in, No. 30, would have the best opportunity to win the whole thing. The number with the most success in the 25-year history of the Royal Rumble is 27, though. Four Superstars have entered in that position and gone on to win the match. In 1989, Big John Studd was the first No. 27 to claim Royal Rumble victory. Yokozuna was the next Superstar to win after drawing 27 in 1993. The following year, No. 27 was future WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart, who went on to become co-winner of the Rumble. The most successful Superstar in Royal Rumble Match history, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, won his final Rumble contest in 2001, entering the fray at No. 27.