Oddball Entrants into the Royal Rumble Match

Carlos Colon

Despite holding victories over WWE Hall of Famers such as Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Ernie Ladd, Carlos Colon was far from a household name to much of the WWE Universe when he entered the Royal Rumble Match in 1993. A wrestling god in Puerto Rico, Colon mustered a single elimination during the match, ousting Damien Demento from the pack.

Beyond that, Colon — then the Caribbean Champion, according to commentator Gorilla Monsoon — failed to make much of an impact in the Royal Rumble Match. On the plus side, Monsoon thought Colon, who began training at Antonino Rocca’s amateur club in 1962, looked so youthful that he couldn’t help but describe him as a “youngster.” Today, Carlos Colon’s legacy in WWE is carried on by his son, Primo, and nephew, Epico.