Mickie James def. Michelle McCool (New Women's Champion)

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January 31, 2009

ATLANTA -- Mickie James overcame humiliation at Royal Rumble by defeating Michelle McCool and winning the Women's Championship for the fifth time.

For weeks, Women's Champion Michelle McCool and Layla have been one of the cruelest duos in the history of WWE. They have maintained an upper hand over Mickie James by taunting and teasing her, referring to the multiple-time Women's Champion as "Piggy James." Mickie has tried to stand up for herself, but Michelle and Layla only become nastier as the weeks moved on, and have stopped at nothing to humiliate Mickie.

Recently on SmackDown, Mickie and Layla held a "going away party" in Mickie's honor where they ended up shoving cake in her face and pouring a bowl of punch over her head. The next week on SmackDown, Layla wore a pig nose and fat suit in perhaps the worst mocking of Mickie yet. (PHOTOS)

At Royal Rumble, Michelle told the WWE Universe that there would be no match because "Piggy James" disappeared after the humiliation endured at the party. Layla then came to ringside again wearing a "Piggy James" fat suit as Michelle continued her cruel teasing.

Enough was enough, and Mickie James charged into the arena, first taking out Layla before entering the ring. Shocked, Michelle was caught off-guard and Mickie was able to use that to her advantage, quickly hitting the Mickie DDT to defeat Michelle.

Not only did Mickie regain the Women's Title, but she got some sweet revenge by shoving cake into Michelle and Layla's faces. While karma was not in Michelle and Layla's favor, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, The Bella Twins, Eve and Maria showed Mickie their support by celebrating her victory in the ring, proving to Mickie that they are her true friends.

On this night, Mickie James' actions spoke louder than words, as she returned the humiliation she has endured for weeks.

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