JBL def. Chris Jericho (Disqualification)

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January 27, 2008

NEW YORK - Even the vast confines of Madison Square Garden could barely contain the hard feelings built up between Chris Jericho and JBL. The personal hostility between the two exploded in a bloody battle Sunday night at Royal Rumble, with the Lonestar Loudmouth taking the brunt of the shrapnel, but emerging victorious nonetheless.

Jericho attacked his opponent like a man running on a reservoir of pent-up rage. Y2J has been fueled over the last several weeks by JBL's despicable behavior, including dragging Y2J across the floor with a cord wrapped around his neck and making unconscionable comments to Jericho's children.

The physicality of the match quickly became severe and, at one point, JBL hurled the lion-hearted warrior into a ring post, causing a massive gash to open across Jericho's forehead. But as the crimson oozed down Y2J's snarling façade, it seemed only to feed his anger. As blood continued to flow, the Lonestar Loudmouth left the ring to pursue his rival. But Jericho had reached the breaking point. He grabbed a chair and slammed it against JBL's head, losing the match by disqualification.

He wasn't finished yet, though. In a scene reminiscent of three weeks ago, Jericho pulled an electrical cord to the ring, wrapped it around JBL's neck and yanked the Lonestar Loudmouth against the ropes.

The battle between these two men has now grown dangerously personal. How much further will either man go to exact their revenge?

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