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Foley and Hornswoggle's fighting chance

Foley and Hornswoggle's fighting chance

As a college student, Mick Foley hitchhiked to Madison Square Garden to see Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka leap from the top of a 15-foot-high steel cage onto Don Muraco -- the night Foley credits as the inspiration for his championship career.

Now, it looks like it has come full circle. Thanks to a surprising tag team victory on Raw, both he and Hornswoggle hold two cherished places in the 30-man field for the 21st annual Royal Rumble Match at the World's Most Famous Arena, and the former WWE Champion has an opportunity at perhaps his last chance at glory.

However, in a field full of the best Superstars in WWE, all gunning for that elusive main event opportunity at WrestleMania XXIV, the chance of either the grizzled three-time WWE Champion or the lucky leprechaun still standing at the final bell could be slim to none.

But don't tell that to Foley, who told Todd Grisham in a WWE.com exclusive interview that the Rumble could be the shining moment of his storied career.

"For the first time, all four of my children will watch me wrestle in the arena that started it all for me, Madison Square Garden, competing in the Royal Rumble for a shot at WrestleMania XXIV," Foley explained. "It could be the biggest night in my career."

And don't tell Hornswoggle he has no chance in hell. Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son has proven to be incredibly resourceful. After all, he managed to win the seven-man Cruiserweight Open at the Great American Bash last year to shockingly win the Cruiserweight Championship. He has survived all his dad's lessons in "tough love" so far. In addition, at Royal Rumble, Hornswoggle will have the Belfast Bruiser, Finlay, as an ally, and perhaps, a guardian angel of sorts. Never count-out a McMahon … bastard son or not.

But here's one question: What would happen if the last two men left standing in the Rumble were Finlay and Hornswoggle? Would the man who "loves to fight" and his little buddy forget about their friendship with an opportunity to face a World Champion at WrestleMania on the line?

For that matter, you can't count-out Foley, a three-time WWE Champion and eight-time Tag Team Champion. Mrs. Foley's baby boy can be innovative and resourceful. At one Royal Rumble, he entered the match three times under his three different personas -- Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack. Does Foley have similar tricks up his sleeve this year?

One thing is certain: Foley has embraced long odds before. He feels like he's got as good of an opportunity as anyone to survive the over-the-top-rope classic and headline WrestleMania in Orlando, Fla.

"Do I have a great chance? No. A good chance? Probably not. A medium-sized chance? Maybe not," Foley said. "A chance is a chance no matter how small, and I intend to make the most of that little tiny chance at the Royal Rumble."

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