ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley def. Test (Countout)

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January 28, 2007

Test fell short of his guarantee at Royal Rumble as the ECW World Title remains with the incumbent Bobby Lashley. After tumbling out of the ring, Test opted not to reenter the field of battle. He turned around and headed out of the arena, taking a loss via count-out.

Lashley, who demanded the match in the first place, was not satisfied with the ruling. He ran after Test, threw him back into the ring and gave him something to remember. The outburst concluded with a powerslam, the same treatment he gave Test last week on ECW on Sci Fi.

"It was time to finish this," said the champion. "I'm not letting him walk away. I'm not letting him run away. He's going to stay in that ring and fight me."

Lashley's challenge came as a result of weeks of being stalked by Test. Test, who felt he was being overlooked for a deserved title opportunity, interfered during Rob Van Dam's championship match with Lashley three weeks ago. Two weeks ago, the three Extremists faced each other in a Triple Threat Championship Match. Lashley retained the gold when he pinned RVD, but he paid for it when Test hit him over the head with his own title.

Last week, the two rivals faced in a prelude to their Royal Rumble match. Though Lashley prevailed, the self-proclaimed "Impact Player" had enough confidence to guarantee a title change at the pay-per-view. That confidence, however, was nowhere to be found in the waning moments of the contest.

"If you want to go for the title, you go for the title and you fight," Lashley said. "You don't run away; you fight."

While Lashley's goal was to bring an end to this rivalry, he knows it is far from being finished.

"Test is a tough opponent," he admitted. "I know I haven't seen the end of him."

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