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Royal Rumble odds

Royal Rumble odds of winning 

Which Superstar has the best chance of winning the Royal Rumble this Sunday? Which ones have no chance in hell? WWE.com, in conjunction with The Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences, has come up with each Superstar's odds of winning the match and going to WrestleMania.

The odds, which are for entertainment purposes only, are based on all things being equal, meaning it is unclear what numbers the Superstars will draw for the Royal Rumble.

Big Show Rey Mysterio
Booker T Ric Flair
Carlito Road Warrior Animal
Chavo Guerrero Rob Van Dam
Chris Benoit Shawn Michaels
Chris Masters Shelton Benjamin
Johnny Nitro Simon Dean
Joey Mercury Sylvan
Jonathan Coachman Trevor Murdoch
Kane Triple H
Lashley Viscera
Matt Hardy Psicosis
Orlando Jordan Super Crazy
Randy Orton  

Do you agree with these odds? If not, let WWE.com know who you think has the best odds of winning. Click here to send your e-mail. Also, check out what other fans are saying about these odds:

Erica from Lexington, KY
So you're saying that Viscera has the same odds of winning the Royal Rumble as Rey Mysterio? Just by looking at them, I could tell you that something's wrong there. Think about this - if Viscera was in the SmackDown Battle Royal, there's no way he would have gone as far as Rey.

Bobby J. from San Diego, CA
I think Masters is going to impress this Sunday. It will be his break out, even if he doesn't win it.

Chris from Toronto
Why is Coach 100:1? Sounds more like 2,000:1 to me.

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