The Boogeyman def. JBL

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January 30, 2005

Coming into the Royal Rumble, the Boogeyman clearly held a psychological advantage of JBL. And when the smoke cleared, he held something infinitely more impressive: a victory.

Before the match started, Boogeyman stalked his opponent, and JBL once again threw Jillian to the proverbial wolf. Boogeyman proceeded to scare her onto the mat, and after pulling out a handful of worms, dripped the creepy crawlers out of his own mouth and into Jillian's. At that point, JBL attacked, hoping to catch his opponent off guard.

JBL used everything in his repertoire to wear down the Boogeyman, but the bizarre newcomer took everything the self-proclaimed "Wrestling God" could dish out. Finally, JBL had him measured and went for the Clothesline from Hell; instead, JBL whiffed on the move, and was sent crashing shoulder-first into the post. The Boogeyman quickly pounced, nailing JBL with a pump-handle powerslam. With a handful of worms in his mouth, Boogeyman made the cover and scored the surprising pinfall.

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