John Cena def. Edge (new WWE Champion)

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January 29, 2006

Coming into the Royal Rumble, Edge proclaimed that he would not be a transitional champion. Unfortunately for the Rated R Superstar, his 15 minutes of fame lasted exactly three weeks, and John Cena was the one who walked out of the Royal Rumble as WWE Champion.

Early in the bout, Cena had the champion off guard, and he was forced to retreat to the floor on multiple occasions. Cena finally had enough and followed him, but Edge used Lita as a decoy, allowing the champion to get in a cheap shot and take the advantage. Edge speared Cena into the steel ring stairs, and following a baseball slide that sent Cena into the crowd, the former champion barely beat the count into the ring.

From there, Edge remained in control, and at one point set Cena on the top rope. Edge followed him up, but was subsequently pushed down. Cena then went for a splash, but Edge moved away and regained control. Cena would later come back and try the F-U, but an eye gouge turned the tide towards the champion once more.

As the match headed to conclusion, Cena made his comeback, and hit the champion with everything in his repertoire. As Cena went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, Lita jumped up on the apron to draw his attention. Edge recovered as Lita and Cena argued, but when the champion charged, Cena sidestepped and Edge ran into Lita. Cena then hoisted the stunned champion up, hitting the F-U. Not content with that, Cena applied the STFU to the champion. Stuck in the center of the ring, the Rated R Superstar was forced to tap out, and Cena claimed the WWE Championship for the second time.

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