World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle def. Mark Henry

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January 29, 2005

Before the Royal Rumble, Mark Henry said that neither strength nor speed nor technical ability could beat him. However, at the end of the Royal Rumble, it was a little bit of chicanery that helped Kurt Angle defeat Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Early in the match, the two men seemed at a stalemate as Angle tried to figure out a way to take down his larger opponent. Instead, he found himself getting caught by the World's Strongest Man and dumped to the floor, where Daivari was more than happy to take a few shots at his former client.

After that assault, Henry controlled Angle using his power, but the champion managed to apply the Ankle Lock. Much like on SmackDown, Henry used his power to escape. After Henry kicked out of a pinfall following an Angle Slam, the champion locked in the Ankle Lock once more. Daivari jumped up on the apron, drawing the referee's attention, and when Henry broke the hold a second time, he sent Angle crashing into the referee.

At this point, Kurt switched strategies, and went outside the ring for a chair. Daivari attempted to stop him, but caught a chair shot for his troubles. However, when Kurt attempted to use the weapon, Henry blocked his attempt, and tossed Angle to the mat. As Henry advanced though, the crafty champion gave him a low blow, followed by two chair shots, the last of which felled the World's Strongest Man.

After Henry kicked out of the subsequent pinfall attempt, Angle went over and untied one of the turnbuckle pads on the middle rope. Angle ended up in that corner, but as Henry charged, the champion sidestepped and tripped him, sending the World's Strongest Man face first into the exposed steel. Angle then rolled up his opponent, and with his hands on the ropes for leverage, got the three count to retain the gold.

Angle's celebration was cut short, however. As he stood in the ring, the familiar gong of the Undertaker was heard, and the Deadman rode to the entranceway on a horse-drawn cart. As the Deadman stared down the champion, he gestured to the heavens and sent lightning bolts crashing down into the ring. As Angle stood amazed, the ropes fell down and the ring collapsed. In the end, the World Heavyweight Champion stood in the ruins with a look of bewilderment on his face as the Deadman turned and walked away.

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