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Kid Kash on WWE Instant Access

Immediately after losing the Cruiserweight Championship in a six-Superstar Invitational, Kid Kash sat down with WWE.com. Here is what he had to say:

WWE.com: Do you feel that Gregory Helms belonged in this match tonight due to the fact he was a RAW superstar?

Kash: He's not even on this damn show! Why would he be here? Who the hell let him in the ring?

WWE.com: During Armageddon's Instant Access, you said that you were the greatest cruiserweight alive today. Now that you are no longer the champion, does that statement still stand true?

Kash: It doesn't matter. I'm still the greatest Cruiserweight in the history of wrestling. And besides, Gregory Helms didn't beat me!

WWE.com: What's next for Kid Kash? Are you targeting Helms?

Kash: I'm going to target anybody who comes even remotely near the cruiserweight division or near my belt. That's my belt, mind you! If I gotta meet Helms in the parking lot, I will.

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