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Gregory Helms on WWE Instant Access

Immediately after his Cruiserweight Championship victory, Gregory Helms sat down with WWE.com. Here is what he had to say:

WWE.com: What does it mean to be back on SmackDown as the Cruiserweight Champion?

Helms: It's a great big thrill. I just keep moving on, and I picked the right time, and now I'm the Cruiserweight Champion. And I'm going to make this the best reign ever. To be quite honest, it was easy. I didn't even break a sweat, as you can see live on TV. It was a lot easier than even I thought it would be; I dominated this match.

WWE.com: Now that you're champion, do you believe there is anyone who can challenge you for this title?

Helms: They can challenge, but they won't conquer. It won't even be close. I'll be the most dominating Cruiserweight Champion ever.

WWE.com: Who is the better Cruiserweight Champion? Hurricane or Gregory Helms?

Helms: Gregory Helms, by far. I want to say that I changed the style of Cruiserweight wrestling in WCW, and I'm about to turn it up 10 notches here in WWE.

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