World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. Dolph Ziggler

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January 30, 2011

BOSTON - World Heavyweight Champion Edge reigned supreme against Dolph Ziggler, retaining his coveted World Title at the sold-out Royal Rumble after sneaking in the banned Spear. Match photos

With the TD Banknorth Garden filled to the rafters, an absolutely intense battle between the two extremely calculating Superstars set the outrageous mood for the entire pay-per-view. The WWE Universe held its collective breath to see if Edge would use the barred Spear and automatically lose his title.

When Vickie Guerrero interfered with the match and jumped up on the ring apron to continuously slap Edge, Kelly Kelly appeared from nowhere and took her out.

Ziggler soon locked in his infamous sleeper and, while the World Heavyweight Champion struggled to break it, the referee got knocked to the canvas and was rendered out of commission. Seizing the opportunity, The Ultimate Opportunist brought the WWE Universe into hysterics, blasting his adversary with the outlawed Spear. Then, as the referee was coming to, he followed it up with the Killswitch for the victory -- perhaps paying homage to his former partner Christian.

At WWE TLC one month ago, Edge reached new heights, triumphing over Kane in a TLC Match to become a 10-time World Champion. Truly one of the top Superstars to set foot in the squared circle in the past 15 years, The Rated-R Superstar journeyed into Royal Rumble more dominant than ever.

Dolph Ziggler had a great deal on his side as he attempted to dethrone The Rated-R Superstar. The bleach-blond challenger utilized aggressive skill, an unwavering self-confidence and a boundless ambition -- not to mention a great amount of luck. The former Intercontinental Champion triumphed in an intense Fatal 4-Way Match on SmackDown to become The Master Manipulator's No. 1 contender.

Ziggler's alliance with the powerful "acting" SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero has also continued to pay dividends, especially when she banned her ex-husband's Spear just two days before Ziggler's World Title opportunity. But, Edge did not become The Ultimate Opportunist by having only one weapon in his arsenal, a lesson Guerrero's boyfriend had to learn the hard way.

Edge has once again proved his excellence in front of a capacity crowd, retaining the World Title in epic fashion. However -- since the victor of the Royal Rumble Match ultimately wins a main-event opportunity with one of the two World Champions at WrestleMania -- could his biggest challenge still lay ahead of him?

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