WWE Champion The Miz def. Randy Orton

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January 30, 2011

BOSTON -- In 1949, famed Boston composer Leonard Bernstein debuted one of his most celebrated symphonies, titled "The Age of Anxiety." Sixty-one years later, Beantown rolled out the red carpet for a new age, a more menacing age, The Age of Awesome.  

When The Viper challenged WWE Champion The Miz for his title at the prestigious Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the contest would prove to be the crescendo to a contentious symphony played by these two -- with CM Punk and The New Nexus, proving themselves maestros of mayhem in Miz's most important title defense to date. (PHOTOS)

The first movement in the months-long opus of agony came in November when "The Cleveland Screamer" cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on a vulnerable Viper, who had, moments earlier, suffered a savage beating by The Nexus.

Their next duet would take place at WWE TLC, where Orton appeared hungry to recapture sports-entertainment's most coveted prize. Miz, however, went to dubious lengths, and managed to retain in a highly controversial victory.

Months of taunts and attacks reverberated through WWE's Apex Predator, who seemed almost destined to wear the WWE Title for a seventh time -- refusing anything less than victory. But the final decision would not lie with Orton. Instead, members of The New Nexus entered and distracted The Viper, at which point the group's leader, CM Punk, emerged to level Orton with a GTS and drag Miz's ragged body atop for the three-count.

With his controversial victory, WWE Champion The Miz appears to have hit a high note in his career. Meanwhile, the frustration building inside Randy Orton continues to strike a sinister chord and will undoubtedly fuel more animosity in the weeks and months ahead.

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