Royal Rumble 2014 predictions

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January 23, 2014

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Joey Styles: Although swamp monsters Luke Harper and Erick Rowan will be competing in the Royal Rumble Match, there is nothing stopping them from using a pre-Rumble beatdown of WWE's “Yes!” man as a warm-up. I expect Daniel Bryan to get the better of The Eater of Worlds after a long period of back-and-forth brutality, only to have Harper and Rowan engulf Bryan and leave his limp carcass for bearded buzzard Wyatt to plant with Sister Abigail. WINNER (by disqualification): Daniel Bryan

Matt Zimmer: As cunning and conniving as Bray Wyatt is, he made a fatal flaw in letting Daniel Bryan into his family. Wyatt’s biggest attribute was his unpredictable nature and now Bryan, who spent two weeks with Wyatt, knows his motives, his secrets and what makes him tick. Wyatt’s poker face is rendered useless, and that puts the ball in the court of the 2013 Superstar of the Year. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Alex Giannini: Daniel Bryan may have shed his Wyatt Family skin, and he may have delivered some comeuppance to preacher Bray inside a steel cage, but this twisted rivalry isn’t over by a long shot. I think the head of The Wyatt Family has a few macabre tricks up his sleeve (yes, even though he doesn’t have any sleeves), and with Harper and Rowan always lurking in the shadows, I think The Beard needs to watch his back. Despite the fact that Bryan is the hottest thing going today — and that I see him as the best grappler in WWE — I think Wyatt will prevail. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Sean Cohen: Daniel Bryan has already outsmarted The Wyatt Family once before and I think he will catch The Eater of Worlds off guard again. In this unofficial “Battle of the Beards,” I foresee Bryan leaving Pittsburgh’s CONSOL Energy Center chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” while Bray Wyatt follows his buzzards all the way to the loser’s circle. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

John Clapp: Daniel Bryan went through hell and back just to give Bray Wyatt a taste of his own medicine. With a chance to lock horns in singles competition, I doubt The Beard will hold anything back, showing the sinister sermonizer what a true monster looks like. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan: 4, Bray Wyatt: 1

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