WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. John Cena

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January 26, 2014

The tone of the match shifted quickly after that, and both champion and challenger seemed to buy more into the throwback style of the match. An attempted Boston Crab from the Cenation leader was followed by Orton’s flawless suplex off the apron. The Viper’s preening attempts to mug for the crowd were met with hostility, as jeering taunts of “DAN-IEL-BRY-AN!” reminded Orton of the man he won his ill-gotten WWE Championship from in the first place.

Despite the head games, Orton – who was as thrilled with the chants as he had been at the prospect of facing Cena in this rematch– managed to stay in control, planting Cena with a DDT before striking a taunting pose atop the turnbuckle. The former World Champion picked his moment to strike then, toppling Orton with an Electric Chair and transitioning seamlessly into his signature sequence. The Apex Predator, however, seemed to have Cena better scouted than The Authority perhaps expected, cutting him off before the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

The Cenation leader recovered fast, plunging onto the back of Orton’s head with a top-rope leg drop that spurred both Superstars into another gear. Cena made a move for the Attitude Adjustment, but Orton dropped him with a hanging DDT from the apron to the concrete. The challenger’s typical comebacks seemed to run dry before they even began, and Orton appeared to be making good on his insistences that – despite conventional wisdom – one victory over Cena was all he needed to prove his dominance. Even a lightning-quick offset of the RKO into the STF couldn’t put the Champion of Champions away, thanks to a mighty reach for the ropes by the embattled titleholder.

The counter did, however, slow Orton down enough for Cena to finally get his steam rolling. Connecting with the Five Knuckle Shuffle, the former Champ had Orton dead to rights … until a failed Attitude Adjustment took the referee out by mistake when Orton’s foot was accidentally rammed into the official’s skull. The subsequent (and, all things considered, immediate) tapout from the STF went unrecorded, and The Viper stayed alive by clocking Cena in the head with the World Heavyweight Championship belt. The would-be finishing blow only bought Orton a two-count, and it nearly cost him more when Cena sprang an Attitude Adjustment on The Viper that almost earned him a pinfall.

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