Bray Wyatt def. Daniel Bryan

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January 26, 2014

In the early going, an altercation between Bryan and Wyatt’s disciples, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan, led the referee to exile both Superstars from the ringside area, creating a true one-on-one showdown.  That turn of events proved even more fortuitous for Bryan moments later, after Wyatt sent him through the ropes and The Beard appeared to hit his head on the steel steps.

That was only the beginning of the carnage. With each minute that passed, the all-out brawl grew more ferocious, as the two competitors absolutely dismantled one another – whether it was Bryan slamming his foe‘s head into the canvas or Wyatt mercilessly smashing Bryan’s skull into the unforgiving steel ring post. Yet no matter how ruthless things became, the heart of Daniel Bryan refused to give in. And in a key moment, The Beard roared back with a jaw-dropping Tornado DDT off the ring apron.

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