The Rock def. WWE Champion CM Punk

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January 27, 2013

In a gutsy performance, both Superstars were able to continue the match, and once back in the ring, Punk found his second wind, delivering a slicing roundhouse kick that nearly tore off The Braham Bull’s head. Exhaustedly, The Rock and Punk traded blows, and The Great One’s smackdown-inspiring strikes won out. Then, as The Rock launched into his famed People’s Elbow attack, the arena went black.

Before pinning The Rock, Punk yelled at an indignant Michael Cole that he had “nothing to do with The Shield.” Looking every bit like the cat that ate the canary, The Second City Saint smirked mightily after the pinfall. That is, until Mr. McMahon appeared and conceded to The Rock’s demand to restart the match and WWE official Chioda called for the bell to ring.

Enraged, Punk charged at The Rock and smashed The Great One’s face with his knee in the corner. In classic Best in the World form, the champion flew down with a savage top-rope elbow smash, but it was only good for a two-count. A second attempt at a GTS proved unwise, as The Rock countered into a spinebuster and finally hit the People’s Elbow to win his first WWE Title in more than a decade.

Though Royal Rumble marked the end of Punk’s era of supremacy — the sixth-longest reign in WWE Title history — it also completed The Rock’s  circular journey from WWE  Champion to box office champion and finally … to WWE Champion once more.

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