The five best moments of the 2013 Royal Rumble Match

Kofi finds a way back in

Kofi Kingston is no stranger to stealing the show during Royal Rumble Matches. Actually, by now, it's almost expected that "The Wildcat" will do something during that bout to bring the WWE Universe to its feet - or to steal its collective breath. And this year was no different, as Kofi, who was hurled out of the ring by Dolph Ziggler, found himself clinging for dear life onto the back of the massive Tensai, who had just been eliminated and was still lingering at ringside.

Then, using Tensai to project himself onto the Spanish announce table, Kofi once again found himself in a vicarious situation. But ever resourceful, the former Intercontinental Champion kindly asked JBL for his chair, then proceeded to use it like a pogo stick, hopping his way back to the ring apron, where he promptly eliminated Darren Young.

Sure, he was eliminated moments later by Cody Rhodes, but Kofi's innovative feet will definitely go down in Royal Rumble Match history.