5 Tips for Surviving the Royal Rumble Match

Pace yourself

Wise men say only fools rush in — a piece of sagacity that holds true for Royal Rumble Match participants. If a Superstar draws an early entry number, winning the Rumble Match immediately becomes a test of endurance. Energy conservation is the name of the game.

“The most important thing in the Royal Rumble is saving as much energy as you can,” said Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, who has upped his cardio workout in preparation for his expected entrance into the 2013 contest. “The guy who’s going to win is usually going to be the guy who can defend himself the longest.”

Yet even if a Superstar is fortunate enough to enter at No. 30, there is still precious little upside to hurrying into the fight. Accounting for even the smallest of details, some past Rumblers have even turned to milking their entrances to the ring. When Repo Man slowly stalked his way into the 1992 Rumble Match, color commentator Bobby “The Brain” Heenan applauded the shady Superstar’s strategy. (WATCH THE FULL 1992 RUMBLE MATCH)

“Why get in there and get your clock cleaned?” the managerial messiah asked rhetorically. “Take your time.”

Conversely, being too eager can get the better of some competitors. Just ask Bushwhacker Luke, who blindly bush-wacked his way in and out of competition in 1991 (WATCH), or Santino Marella, who marched speedily to the ring in 2009, only to be tossed in less than a second.