John Cena won the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

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January 27, 2012

When John Cena won the 2008 Royal Rumble Match, he did so after entering the fray at No. 30. Cena wouldn’t have such a luxury tonight, however, as the Cenation leader came in at No. 19, and faced a long, difficult road ahead of him. But he wasted no time tonight, immediately going to work eliminating Heath Slater and Cody Rhodes in impressive fashion.

Soon after, Daniel Bryan arrived with a flurry of kicks that brought the competition to its knees. Even so, the ring remained stacked with Superstars when Bryan’s tag team partner, Kane, entered the battle minutes later. They may have proven to be a cohesive unit in their title defense, but when it came time to compete in the over-the-top challenge, Team Hell No was anything but.

After Kane eliminated The Great Khali, Bryan dumped Kane over the ropes, shocking The Big Red Monster. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro then knocked Bryan out of the ring, and directly into Kane’s arms. The choice then became a simple matter of yes or no. Yes, Kane could toss his partner back into the ring, or no, The Big Red Monster could dump Bryan onto the ringside floor. Kane chose no, and Bryan was eliminated.

Randy Orton, entering at 26, made his presence felt right away, once again proving why he is WWE’s Apex Predator. Soon after, the Royal Rumble Match card was finalized when the monstrous Ryback arrived and cleaned house, eliminating Damien Sandow, the newly returned Sin Cara and The Miz before Jericho hit the Codebreaker and put an abrupt halt to Ryback’s destruction.

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