John Cena won the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

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January 27, 2012

With his brother Cody still in the ring, Goldust made his return to WWE and made a beeline for his younger sibling. Cody would eventually eliminate Goldust, but the most bizarre Superstar in WWE history did the Rhodes family proud, quickly winning over the crowd. Some returns aren’t as successful, however, as The Godfather arrived to the Royal Rumble Match, just to be dumped out of the ring by Dolph Ziggler in mere seconds. (WATCH GOLDUST SPEAK ABOUT HIS RETURN)

Entering at No. 11, Sheamus came into the bout like a man on fire, laying waste to the bevy of Superstars gathered in the ring, and tossing both Titus O’Neil and David Otunga over the ropes in quick succession. A year after winning the 2012 Royal Rumble Match en route to one of the greatest years in WWE history, The Celtic Warrior looked to have history repeat itself.

Rey Mysterio also made his return, arriving in the 14-spot and going right to work, using his trademark acrobatic attack to his advantage. And speaking of acrobatic, when Kofi Kingston was tossed over the ropes by The Showoff, he literally landed on the back of Tensai at ringside, his feet never touching the ground.

Then, with “The Wildcat” perched on the Spanish announce table, the high-flying Superstar asked for JBL’s chair, then proceeded to use it like a pogo stick, hopping his way back to the ring apron, and eliminating Darren Young, all in one fell swoop. Kofi’s Royal Rumble Match came to an end moments later, though, courtesy of a Disaster Kick delivered by Cody Rhodes. (THE WWE UNIVERSE REACTS)

Entering at No. 16, Bo Dallas — winner of the NXT eight-man tournament held during the Royal Rumble Fan Fest — made a good showing, turning heads by eliminating Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett and going a long way in making a name for himself in WWE.

But as would soon become clear, the number to remember on this night would be 19.

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