Royal Rumble 2013 predictions: Guessing the Royal Rumble Match's best (and worst) performers

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January 18, 2013

Who will be eliminated the fastest? Jinder Mahal

Unlike the title of Royal Rumble’s iron man, taking home the “honor” of the shortest time spent in the Rumble Match is an unfortunate distinction that one Superstar will be able to harp on in the weeks following Jan. 27.

Although a Superstar could, in theory, hold the shortest time and still win the 30-man melee, such a feat has never been accomplished in the previous 25 Royal Rumble Matches. In other words, nobody aspires to be the next Santino Marella, whose 1.9-second appearance in the 2009 Royal Rumble Match set an ignominious record.

Yet, of the Rumble participants announced so far, perhaps the Superstar who should be most concerned with breaking Santino’s dubious distinction is Jinder Mahal. Besides being inexperienced in Royal Rumble Match competition — he has only competed in one, lasting slightly more than a minute in last year’s fight — Mahal exercised extremely poor judgment during 3MB’s 3-on-1 Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge against Sheamus on the Jan. 14 edition of Raw.

The first one to be dumped over the top rope and onto the floor that night, Mahal only has himself to blame. 3MB’s “fun one” committed a Royal Rumble Match cardinal sin when he decided to climb to the second turnbuckle. His precarious positioning made it all too easy for Sheamus to dispose of him. (WATCH)

But what are the chances Mahal will see the error of his way and adjust accordingly in time for Jan. 27? Judging by 3MB’s apparent belief they jointly won the actual Royal Rumble Match Monday night, probably not so good …

  • 2012's fastest elimination: Epico (11 seconds)
  • 2011's fastest elimination: Tyler Reks (34 seconds)
  • 2010's fastest elimination: MVP (7 seconds)
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