Royal Rumble 2013 predictions: Guessing the Royal Rumble Match's best (and worst) performers

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January 18, 2013

Who will go the longest? Antonio Cesaro

There is no more hostile proving ground in WWE than the Royal Rumble Match, yet there are also few better stages on which a Superstar can have a career-defining performance. Even if a competitor falls short of winning the 30-Superstar bout, he can still quickly raise his stock in WWE. All he has to do is last a really long time in the melee.

Needless to say, it’s much easier said than done.

Several factors go a long way in determining whether a Superstar can take home the “Royal Rumble iron man” title, and none is more important than the order of entry. (After all, a grappler who enters at No. 30 has much less opportunity to amass a 40- or 50-minute showing than somebody who pulls a single-digit entry number.)

Disregarding that variable, the other main factor to consider is conditioning, and in the realm of WWE’s current roster, Antonio Cesaro is all but untouchable in that category. The Swiss Superman has proven his otherworldly athleticism time and time again, and even his greatest detractors reluctantly concede Cesaro is among WWE’s fittest fighters.

The takeaway here is that even if the United States Champion is unlucky enough to draw an early entry, other Superstars would be foolish to write off Cesaro. He has the physical endurance and ring generalship necessary to make it into the elite club of Rumble ironmen like Rey Mysterio (62 minutes), Rick Martel (61 minutes) and Ric Flair (60 minutes).

Recent Royal Rumble Match iron men

  • 2012: The Miz (No. 1 entry, 45 minutes and 39 seconds)
  • 2011: CM Punk (No. 1. entry, 35 minutes and 21 seconds)
  • 2010: John Cena (No. 19 entry, 22 minutes and 11 seconds)
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