Which team will match up better against Team Hell No at Hell in a Cell?

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October 13, 2012

With their big victory over The Prime Time Players on the Oct. 8 episode of Raw, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara continued their winning ways and made their biggest push yet to claim championship gold together. A lucha libre dream team, the two Mexican Superstars combine for one of the most unique and exciting offensive displays in the history of WWE. Their flashy, lightning-fast style begs the question: Can the power-hitter Kane and the submission specialist Daniel Bryan counter the fast-paced, high-flying assault likely to be brought by Mysterio & Sin Cara?

As mentioned, both Kane & Bryan are adaptable when it comes to their defensive abilities. Perhaps the larger question, then, is: Can Mysterio & Sin Cara counter the balanced offense Team Hell No will certainly bring to the bout? While he is definitely categorized as a highflier, Mysterio has years of experience in big matches under his belt, and has used a variety of styles to put away opponents. Even though Sin Cara does not have the WWE resume of his partner, he’s defended titles all over the world and will certainly rise to the challenge at WWE Hell in a Cell, if the opportunity is in the cards.

When it comes to Mysterio & Sin Cara, the WWE Universe knows exactly what to expect. The Master of the 619 is a former World Champion. This includes multiple tag team championship reigns, built on his inspiring ability to beat the odds with a flurry of awe-inspiring weapons at his disposal. While Sin Cara doesn’t have his partner’s experience in WWE, his offensive repertoire is well known for being high-risk and explosive. When the gravity-defying Superstar joins forces with The Ultimate Underdog, they may just possess an unorthodox enough approach to wrangle the titles from Team Hell No.

The recently formed (and aptly named) Team Rhodes Scholars is a bit more of an enigma than Mysterio & Sin Cara, though, and their future forecast is harder to predict.

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