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Triple H deconstructs Punk’s argument

Triple H deconstructs Punk’s argument

On the Sept. 12 edition of Raw, CM Punk chastised COO Triple H for his implied view of what a World Champion should be. Big, muscular, intimidating – all attributes that Punk admittedly lacked. The Second City Saint then went on to say that the lack of attention paid to him by higher-ups like Triple H was a direct result of his contrast to that ideal. And then Triple H, without pausing, listed off a myriad of Punk’s accomplishments, all framed within the main event and World Championship.

1) Punk has won and successfully cashed in the Money In The Bank briefcase twice.

2) Punk has won seven titles in WWE, including four World Championships.

3) Punk has main-evented several WWE pay-per-views over the past six years.

embedcolon25033787Hmm. Well, he’s right. All of those facts are true, and undeniable. Yet, Punk still maintains that he’s been held down, and restrained from grabbing the elusive “brass ring.” But, he has grabbed it. Four times. And, in doing so, he shocked the world each time. Each of those World Championship wins catapulted Punk into the same stratosphere he claims now bars him from entry.

Maybe that’s not Punk’s point, though. Maybe the “Voice of the Voiceless” isn’t concerned so much with himself as he is with the future of WWE. Maybe he, more than anyone, realizes that change is inevitable and necessary, and resistance is futile and destructive. And, as a medium through which the voiceless can truly be heard, Punk is in a unique place – he’s a main-eventer, unhappy with the current, stale iterations of main events.

In addition to the list of facts and counter-arguments that The Game correctly rattled off, one more fact resonates even more importantly across the WWE landscape: Punk, at this point, is the only one who can truly engineer change. If that happens, though, who will Punk rebel against then?

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