Triple H and McMahons at odds?

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June 04, 2013

Monday night on Raw, Triple H found himself in an unfamiliar and untenable position. Not only did Mr. McMahon and Stephanie McMahon both forbid The Game from competing against Curtis Axel, The Chairman and his daughter hinted at the fact that Triple H’s in-ring future is in serious doubt. 

After suffering a debilitating loss to Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, the future WWE Hall of Famer ignored the advice of WWE physicians and jumped back into the ring just one night later to square off against the newest “Paul Heyman Guy,” Curtis Axel. Though he gave a valiant effort, something was clearly amiss, and The Game was unable to continue the bout.

Then, Monday night on Raw, after learning of the McMahons’ declaration that he would not be allowed to endanger his physical well-being by competing in a match, Triple H stormed out of the XL Center in Hartford, Conn., and vowed to face off against Axel next week on Raw. Before he did so, however, The Game had pointed words for his father-in-law.

Knowing full well just how headstrong Triple H and the McMahons can be, the WWE Universe is now left to wonder just what might transpire in the days ahead. Insistent that he will, in fact, go against the decision made by Stephanie and Mr. McMahon, Triple H will undoubtedly face an uphill battle against those closest to him.


But he’s called The Cerebral Assassin for a reason, and to assume that Triple H will go into next week’s Raw without a plan would be underestimating one of the most intelligent players in the WWE hierarchy. Even so, the Machiavellian machinations of the McMahon clan are legend, and if Mr. McMahon wants something to go down a certain way, it’s hard to imagine anyone altering that course of action.

It’s also hard to imagine Mr. McMahon reversing this particular order, as Triple H is the father of The Chairman’s grandchildren, and Mr. McMahon is only looking out for everyone’s best interests here, an important point to note, as there is no indication of further dissention within the family. Add in the fact that Stephanie is just as adamant as her father about The Game not competing, and the situation becomes even more difficult for Triple H. These extremely personal wrinkles may prove to be the decisive factors in all of this, but if there’s anyone capable of winning an argument with Mr. McMahon and Stephanie, it’s The Game.

The King of Kings has a warrior’s heart, and that warrior’s heart is telling him he has to fight. If anyone knows about fighting for what you believe in, it’s the McMahons — and maybe that’s the common ground that will send Triple H back into the fray to take the fight to Axel.


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