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Tribute to the Troops blog, No. 1

Tribute to the Troops blog, No. 1

Hey there.

After much anticipation, I am about to leave for the Tribute to the Troops tour in Iraq. I have to admit I am a little nervous, but my excitement surpasses any reservations I have. I don't know how these soldiers can leave their families for months at a time to go to this foreign land, not knowing what tomorrow might bring. No matter where you stand on the war, you have to respect and commend our troops for dedicating and putting their lives on the line for us on a daily basis. This is just a small way for WWE as a company, a community and a family to give back to them for all they do for us.

I've been told that it's wicked cold over there so I have packed lots of warm clothes. I went out and bought a really awesome super fuzzy warm hat, gloves and scarf. I also bought a really cute sweat suit from Victoria's Secret -- any reason to go out and shop, really. What a girl! Of course, I brought my daily Diva wear to sport for all my heroes when we go out to meet them, just a variety of sexy tops, jeans and boots, along with makeup and the necessities. A girl's still gotta be a hottie even if it's freaking freezing outside. I tried not to overpack, which is hard for me, mostly because I know it's not the cleanest place and we're gonna be doing a lot of walking. At any rate, I ended up with one bag weighing in at 55 pounds. Yeah, I know. And in my carry-on I had to bring my computer so I could still do my homework while we are over there and write my daily blog for WWE.com. BOOOO!!!!! (to the homework)

Most of all, I am going to enjoy the experience. It saddens me that the troops aren't able to be home with their family and friends for the holidays. I just hope we can bring our soldiers a little joy for the holiday season.

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