The 10 most important moments in Raw history

First-ever Raw SuperShow - Aug. 29, 2011

For the better part of nine years, interaction between the Superstars of Raw and SmackDown was mostly reserved for rare inter-promotional matches at the now-defunct Bragging Rights pay-per-view, or bouts that had ramifications for the once-annual WWE draft. With this edition of Raw, however, came a new blurring of the lines between the red and blue brands.

No longer could the WWE Universe only see the Superstars of SmackDown on Friday nights. Finally, after years of pent-up demand, the two deep rosters were effectively combined once a week for the benefit of WWE’s flagship program.

The brainchild of WWE COO Triple H, who declared it his responsibility to make Raw as exciting as possible, Raw SuperShow wove in SmackDown Superstars such as Sheamus, Randy Orton and Mark Henry. The impact of The Game’s mandate was apparent the very first night, when the potent pairing of John Cena and Sheamus teamed up to turn back the formidable team of Christian and Henry.