That's What They Do: Wildest Superstar Hobbies

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May 09, 2013

Brodus Clay

Some people collect action figures, some amass stamps, and some can only be satisfied gathering antique dolls. But mere knickknacks won’t do for a man such as The Funkasaurus, because Brodus Clay? Well, Brodus Clay collects tropical fish.

The Funky One’s fishy collection seems appropriately opulent for a man who struts to the ring wearing a Kangol cap, flanked by a pair of bodacious beauties and who recently reformed Tensai into his swaggy second-in-command Sweet T, but Clay’s collection actually stems from the most endearing of origins.

Brodus boogies onto the scene | Tensai gets "sweet"

"My grandmother used to take me to the aquarium when I was little,” Brodus told, “and when she passed, [I started the collection] to honor her because she was always teaching me about biology and animals."

Lest fellow aquarists assume the big man is a fair-weather fish enthusiast, Brodus — who purchased his first tank at 9 years old with money he earned working for a local biker — boasts an impressive array of aquariums, with an exotic array of inhabitants to boot. The crown jewel of Brodus’ collection is an 18-inch African Frontosa he christened, “Pimp Juice,” but the ideal addition to his hoard isn’t so much a decoration as an underwater home away from home.

Meet The Funkasaurus' fishy friends

“2,000 gallons complete with snorkel, sand bottom and about 500-1,000 different species of cichlids,” Brodus said, when asked to describe his pie-in-the-sky fish tank. “Big enough for The Funkasaurus to swim in.”

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