Five picks to be Raw's franchise player

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May 14, 2012

John Cena

John Cena

If Raw was a Mustang, John Cena would be the horsepower-packed engine that never breaks down. Cena has been through some of the most hellish battles in the history of Raw, including countless main events, but he always bounces right back to inject the same kind of high intensity into Monday nights. In recent years, the 10-time WWE Champion has survived a barrage of attempts to extinguish his fire, such as vicious attacks by Brock Lesnar and General Manager John Laurinaitis. That's serious perseverance from a man who is always ready and willing to take on the most fearsome opponents Raw has to offer.

Cena's tenure with the Raw brand is about to stretch to a remarkable seven years, dating all the way to June 6, 2005, when he became the first performer selected by then-GM Eric Bischoff in the WWE Draft. There was a fleeting moment when it seemed he would have to switch to SmackDown during the WWE Draft on April 25, 2011, but he was later redrafted to Raw on the same night. The Cenation leader hasn't looked back since and continues to bring his "A" game to Raw every single week.

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