Raw expands to three hours starting July 23

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May 17, 2012

Superstars react to 3-hour Raw announcement

@WWERoadDogg: Well the cats out of the bag! Soon we go 3 hours on Mondays! More entertainment for your viewing pleasure! #3hourRaw #OUDK

@RRWWE: #3hourRAW ?! More time for meeee.. I mean more time for Aaaaalllbbbeeerrrtoooooooo Deeeeeeeeel Rrrrrriooooooooo!

@DavidOtunga: RAW is 3 hours! An additional 3,600 secs @WWEUniverse gets to enjoy looking at the greatest physique in @WWE #3HourRAW

@HEELZiggler: “@JohnCena: STARTING Monday Night July 23 @USA_Network ADDS A 3RD HOUR TO @WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW - PERMANENTLY #3hourRaw” -my time!

@WadeBarrett: I will shortly furnish you with the thoughts of my client, Mr. Barrett, concerning #3HourRaw. Regards, Peter Lazarou, Esq.

@ezekielwwe: 3 hours of Raw..permanently. Domination of Monday Nights by Raw and Zeke...

@WWECameron: More entertainment! More wrestling starting July 23 where there will now be 3 hrs of raw! More time to get funky! Funk yes! #3HourRaw

@WadeBarrett: I have just got off the line with my client, Mr. Barrett, after discussing his thoughts on #3HourRaw. Regards, Peter Lazarou, Esq.

@KiddWWE: Raw moving to 3 hours? I see nothing but great stuff coming from this

@HeathSlaterOMRB: Raw will soon be going 3 hours. Wooo!!! More Heath Slater #3HourRaw

@HEELZiggler: i challenge ANY @WWE #wwe SUPERSTAR to an #IronManMatch July 23rd! #3hourRaw #ShowStolen #AnyTAKERs?

@howardfinkel: On Monday, July 23....#WWE Raw becomes a 3 hour program on @USA_Network!! To me, great news for everyone!! Interested to know ur thoughts...

@WWERawGM: As many of you have noted, the odds of me actually making it to #3HourRaw are slimmer than ever after the Board's decision Monday.

@YoshiTatsuWWE: #3HourRaw #YoshiRevolution

@TitusONeilWWE: Well @WWE #RAW goes to 3hrs in July!! Looks like Me & @DarrenYoungWWE will have 2take Over Raw too!! #TagChampsSoon #MillionsofDollars

@milanmiracle: 3 hrs of Raw!!!! Is that just one hour more of Santino or everyone else too? #3hourRaw

@AlexRileyWWE: Starting July 23rd Monday Night is #GoinA-Ry! Translation- adding a permanent 3rd Hr! If you got a problem with that u can #SayItToMyFace

@ZackRyder: #3HourRaw starting July 23...#SSSIIICCCKKK

@TrueKofi: What do y'all think about the new #3HourRaw?

@mslayel: Whoop whoop!!! So excited for three hour raw on USA #3hourRaw @WWE

@Justin__Gabriel: #3HourRaw yes! Stoked. I hope that my people in Africa will get more than the hour of RAW and SD now!

@TheCurtHawkins: #3HourRaw ...I'm in.

@EveMarieTorres: Spoken like a true leader. RT @WWERawGM As always,trying 2 stand tall in face of adversity.The prospect of #3HourRaw is helping me persevere

What do you think about Raw expanding to a three-hour show? Sound off now on Twitter using #3hourRAW.

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