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Nash-Triple H: Bad blood renewed between friends?

Nash-Triple H: Bad blood renewed between friends?

This Monday, Kevin Nash makes his first appearance on Raw SuperShow since his vicious sledgehammer attack on WWE COO Triple H two weeks ago. What’s different this time, though, is that Nash will appear as a re-signed WWE Superstar – ironically, at the insistence of The Game. (MORE ON NASH'S RE-SIGNING)

Hopefully, the former WWE Champion will clue in the WWE Universe regarding his motivations behind the brutality of two weeks ago, against a man who has been one of his closest friends. This isn’t the first time that Nash and The Game have butted heads in WWE, though. In fact, the former friends clashed more than eight years ago, with the World Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance.

In April 2003, Nash returned from a torn quadriceps that had kept him out of action for nine months. While making his comeback, the 7-footer found his two best friends, Shawn Michaels and then-champion Triple H, at each others’ throats. The two pressured Nash into choosing a side until the April 21, 2003 edition of Raw, when The Game made the decision easy and hit Nash below the belt.

Nash challenged The King of Kings for his title at Judgment Day in May 2003. He won the match by disqualification, meaning Triple H escaped with the World Heavyweight Title.

Kevin Nash and Triple H in their Hell in a Cell Match.As a result, their rivalry would culminate the following month at Bad Blood, when the two stepped inside Hell in a Cell. WWE referees refused to officiate the match, so Mick Foley was called in to don the striped shirt. Yet not even the Hardcore Legend could contain these two inside Satan’s Structure. Barbed wire, the ring steps and The Game’s signature sledgehammer all came into play. It looked as if Nash might pull off the victory several times during the match, but in the end, Triple H came out on top, hanging onto his World Heavyweight Title.

Nash challenged for the title again at 2003’s SummerSlam, as part of an Elimination Chamber Match that included The Game. Again, he’d walk away empty-handed, and left WWE shortly after.

Though he and Triple H would make amends and renew their tight-knit friendship, the 7-footer was not seen by the WWE Universe until his surprise return at this year’s Royal Rumble. He went off the grid again until his shocking attack on then-WWE Champion CM Punk at SummerSlam, which led to Nash and his former best friend, now WWE’s COO, butting heads again.

It’s obvious that when Triple H returns from the injuries sustained by Nash’s brutal Raw attack, he’ll have only one thing on his mind: retribution. Will Kevin Nash shed more light to this developing story when Raw SuperShow crosses the pond over to Liverpool,, England? If he does, it won’t be without what he has so blatantly demonstrated these past several months: a blatant disregard for The Game and his position of authority, and for the WWE Universe.

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