Kidd responds to Punk’s 'pipe bomb' shoutout

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January 18, 2013

After Kidd cemented himself as a formidable tag team competitor in The Hart Dynasty alongside David Hart Smith — with whom he won the Unified Tag Team Championship in 2010 — the Calgary-born grappler moved on to singles competition and memorable bouts with the likes of Sin Cara, Yoshi Tatsu and Michael McGillicutty on SmackDown, “WWE Superstars” and WWE NXT. In addition to one-on-one bouts, Kidd has forged a tag team alliance with Justin Gabriel in the hopes of once again reaching the apex of WWE’s increasingly competitive tag team division.

We’ve yet to see him rubbing elbows with the John Cenas and Randy Ortons of the world in pay-per-view main events, but Kidd has nevertheless earned near-universal respect from his peers for his work ethic and his unflinching desire to compete.

“I’m not saying other Superstars are in awe [of my resilience], but I’ve always prided myself on my conditioning,” Kidd explained matter-of-factly. “I’ll come to the back after my matches, and that’ll be the joke: I’m not sweating. Everyone’s like ‘How come you’re not sweating? You were just in the ring for 20 minutes!’ I don’t know what it is. I don’t sweat when I wrestle. And I’m never breathing as heavy as my opponent after my matches. That’s my nightmare: being in worse condition than the guy I’m wrestling. Also, I’m in the gym seven days a week, and [other Superstars] see that. ”

Suffice it to say, Kidd’s usual workouts will need to be modified as he continues on the road to recovery. As he learned mere hours before his pipe bomb mention set the Twitterverse aflame, Kidd is suffering from a torn meniscus, a torn ACL, a torn LCL, partial tears in the muscles at the back of his knee and a hairline fracture on his tibial plateau. With surgery behind him, Kidd will require several months of physical therapy.

“This is the first time in 17 years I’ve ever been [out] injured, and this is the first time that sports-entertainment has ever been taken away from me in my life,” Kidd affirmed. “There has never been an injury I haven’t been able to work through. I’ve never missed a day being sick. I’ve never missed a day being hurt. I guess that’s the ‘workhorse’ thing Punk talked about.”

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