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WWE Hall of Famers comment on Raw's Superstar walkout

WWE Hall of Famers comment on Raw's Superstar walkout

This past Monday, the Superstars of Raw voted “no confidence” in WWE COO Triple H’s leadership of WWE’s flagship show. WWE.com decided to ask distinguished WWE Hall of Famers to give their impressions on the historic Superstar walkout. (WATCH Part 1 | 2)

“What the events of this past Monday showed me was a lack of maturity on the part of the Superstars,” stated “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. “Instead of saying ‘you know what, I’ve got a great job,’ they’re moaning and complaining.”

“The only thing that I was ever guaranteed was an opportunity. If I could put people in the seats, then I got a good paycheck.”

“I also knew the parameters and the risks,” DiBiase continued. “I knew what the upside was and the downside. And I chose to do it. These individuals knew that too and also chose to do it. There’s more security today than there ever was in my day. So, I say, quit your whining and go to work!”

DiBiase wasn’t the only past Superstar that expressed a real concern for the black mark that the Superstars’ actions may have brought about.

“I’ve never been so embarrassed for my industry,” added two-time Intercontinental Champion Don Muraco. “In my day, you often had to fight your way into the ring. We had to battle the crowd before we could face our opponent. Security? Give me a break.”

“In our economy,” the Magnificent One said shaking his head, “be thankful that you have a job at all. Don’t stand around and cry because someone may sneak up on you. What, you haven’t got the guts to watch you own back?”

And what does one of the toughest Americans to ever step in the squared circle think about it?

“It’s a sad situation,” observed “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. “These guys have forgotten who they are and the roots they came from. They appreciating the level they’re at. Back in the day, if management is set to go in one direction, you went there. If you didn’t, there were many others that would take your place.”

However – as far as Duggan is concerned – the ones who are really getting betrayed is the WWE Universe.

“You also have to give something back to the WWE Universe,” he explained. “They are the ones that make this business what it is. They’ve supported us through good times and bad times. So not only are the Superstars walking out on management, but they’re walking out on the WWE Universe. Have a little respect for them.”

In no uncertain terms, the legends that forged a path for today’s Superstars have made it clear that they have “no confidence” in their contemporary’s actions. Perhaps, those in protest have walked out on much more than Triple H.   

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