The Wyatt Family and groups who took over WWE

D-Generation X

Despite the occasional joyride on a tank, these guys weren’t so much a rebel army as a band of hooligans. However, anyone who lived through The Attitude Era can’t deny that D-Generation X changed — pardon the expression — the game for an entire generation of Superstars and fans alike.

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Bolstered by a love of all things anarchic and irreverent, the only thing that Triple H and his merry men liked more than a good joke was a good fight. The group’s irascible attitude carried them both to the apex of pop culture (though the ‘90s are gone, the DX chop gesture lingers) and WWE. Not only did The King of Kings win his first WWE Title while a member of DX, but every single member of the faction — even Chyna — was crowned with championship gold at one point. Are you ready? Clearly, most people weren’t.