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Eck's Factor: Raw SuperShow 10/31 analysis

Eck's Factor: Raw SuperShow 10/31 analysis

ATLANTA – Here are my takes on the big stories from Monday night’s Raw SuperShow that the WWE Universe is talking about on Facebook, Twitter and WWE.com.

Talking point: The Muppets invade Raw

Eck’s Factor: It’s often been said that WWE is about putting smiles on people’s faces. So, if you didn’t smile at least a few times while watching The Muppets’ appearance on Raw, then you must lead a miserable existence.

embedcolon25042003The highlights of the night were Vickie Guerrero and Miss Piggy bumping chests while yelling “Excuse me!” at each other, and Sheamus finally coming face-to-face with his Muppet doppelganger, Beaker. The only thing missing was Kermit the Frog telling Mason Ryan that he knows it’s not easy being green

On a side note, I’m guessing that when Miss Piggy referred to herself as “The Original Diva,” somewhere in New Jersey, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s head exploded.

Talking point: The Rock accepts John Cena’s invitation to be his tag-team partner against The Miz & R-Truth at Survivor Series

embedcolon25041678Eck’s Factor: It’s a good thing Rock agreed to team with Cena, or else WWE would have looked pretty silly for advertising two months ago that Rock was going to be in action at Survivor Series, which led to the show selling out in less than 90 minutes.

Although Rock teaming with Cena was a foregone conclusion, the bigger question coming out of Monday’s show was: Why does Cena even need Rock? After all, he handled Miz and Truth pretty easily all by himself.

Not only did Cena defeat Miz by submission, but he thwarted a sneak attack by Truth (who was disguised as “Ghostface” from the Scream movie franchise) and delivered the Attitude Adjustment to him for good measure.

Talking point: CM Punk gets his WWE Title match with Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series

Eck’s Factor: When Punk lost his Non-Title Match against World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry by disqualification due to interference by Ricardo Rodriguez (who attacked Henry on the orders of Del Rio), he also lost his opportunity for a Title Match against Del Rio. However, Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager of Raw John Laurinaitis later informed Punk that he could still have a Title Match with Del Rio, but only if Del Rio agreed to it.

embedcolon25041775Thanks to Punk’s powers of persuasion – and by that, I mean his application of the Anaconda Vise on a semi-conscious Del Rio – he got his match. It was cool that Punk managed to outsmart Laurinaitis and Del Rio, but I think he would come off as a stronger challenger if he had actually won a match – or series of matches – to earn his title shot.

Talking point: Three champions lose in non-title matches

Eck’s Factor: It was a tough night to be a titleholder, as WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler and WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom all suffered pinfall losses (to Big Show, Zack Ryder and the team of Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes, respectively).

There’s certainly no shame in losing to Big Show, but Del Rio is trying to overcome the perception that he’s a paper champion, and any loss – regardless of who it’s to – doesn’t help his cause. Plus, if CM Punk ends up winning the title from Del Rio at Survivor Series, the stronger Del Rio looks heading into their match, the more impressive the victory will be for Punk

As for Ziggler, it’s gotten to the point now where I’m actually surprised when he does win. Don’t get me wrong; I find Ryder entertaining and he certainly knows what he’s doing in the ring. Ziggler, however, clearly is the superior athlete (sorry, broskis), and it astounds me that Ryder seems to have his number. Air Boom had been on a pretty good roll, but they have now suffered consecutive losses (they were beaten by The Miz & R-Truth last Friday on SmackDown).

Dropping a match to The Awesome Truth is understandable, but the champions shouldn’t be losing to a makeshift team (even one composed of two talented performers such as Barrett & Rhodes).

embedcolon25041846Talking point: "The Michael Cole Challenge" doesn’t take place

Eck’s Factor: After Cole challenged Jim Ross last week to meet him in an undisclosed challenge on Raw SuperShow Monday night with his seat at the announce table on the line, Cole announced that the competition would not be taking place after all, due to Ross being out of action with inflammatory bowel disease.

Ross, however, disputed Cole’s story on Twitter after the show, writing: “4 the record, I’m in Atlanta. Was informed by Raw GM's office, my services weren’t needed. Cole wants 2 make fun of my 3 surgeries. Classy.”

I was backstage at the show in Atlanta and I can confirm that J.R. was indeed there and ready to compete. So, what is the real reason the Michael Cole Challenge didn’t happen Monday? Will it be rescheduled, perhaps for next week’s Raw SuperShow? Your guess is as good as mine.

Talking point: Eve wins the No. 1 Contender Divas Halloween Costume Battle Royal

embedcolon25041719Eck’s Factor: Seeing the Divas in their costumes every year is one of the many reasons I love Halloween. That being said, I was a bit underwhelmed with the Divas’ get-ups Monday night. The notable exceptions were Eve (as Robin) and Rosa Mendes (as a cavewoman). Rosa said her costume was inspired by Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C.

I was “inspired” by Rosa’s costume. As for Eve, after seeing her dressed as Robin, I’ll never be able to look at the Boy Wonder the same way again. Burt Ward certainly never had legs like that.

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