One year later, Superstars and WWE Universe sound off on CM Punk's "pipe bomb"

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June 27, 2012

CM Punk and John Cena fight

John Cena: When you see someone come into his own like that, it's inspirational. If you go back and watch that, even though Punk directed a lot of those comments toward me, it was almost like an opposing coach watching an all-star player have the game of his life. Like, man, you know you're getting whipped and you know you're going to lose, but you're seeing something great, and something that is going to stand the test of time.

When a guy like that has a night like that – a breakout night like that – I knew that, regardless of how many days CM Punk had been in WWE, now CM Punk is a household name. That very day. And since then, he has totally taken the ball and ran with it, and that was his whole original concept behind why he was saying what he was saying. 'Listen, I have talent. You guys are overlooking me. This is what I'm upset about. Could somebody please give me a shot?' And when he gets his shot, he becomes the WWE Champion – and keeps the WWE Championship. I was motivated, excited, and it's certainly a piece of the WWE timeline that nobody will ever forget.

"Road Dogg" Jesse James (who presented Punk his Slammy in 2011): I think it caused a revolution, to be quite honest with you. I think people who know the inside track, they always want to hear somebody who drops that on national TV. I think that's what brought CM Punk to the forefront, and now his popularity has just grown ever since. It's fun to see him on all our live events and just how popular he is. He never ceases to amaze me. It takes charisma, it takes personality, and Punk has loads of both.

Ezekiel Jackson: He stated that his WWE contract was coming to an end, and you don't know what to expect from somebody who's about to either quit or do whatever they want to do. He had absolutely nothing to lose. He could have said anything he wanted, and in a way, he did. It was so different. He stepped up to be a natural leader of the WWE locker room. You know that he was trying to make it known that he was representing us. You've seen things going in the direction that he wanted it to. One of the points he touched on was a smaller guy like him wasn't supposed to ever be WWE Champion, but then you've got him and Daniel Bryan [as a former World Heavyweight Champion] – smaller Superstars who became champions, who are getting their opportunities, and they're delivering. 

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