Raw highlights: Feb. 13, 2017

Bayley comments on Sasha Banks’ involvement in Raw Women’s Title Match

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If not for Sasha Banks and a crutch to the throat of Charlotte Flair, Bayley might not be Raw Women’s Champion right now, a fact that is not lost one bit on Charlotte … or Bayley, it seems.

Responding to a retweet of Bayley’s post-match interview by the official WWE Twitter account, The Queen seemed less-than-impressed with the circumstances that knocked her off her throne.

It’s worth noting that Banks only came down to the ring to neutralize the presence of Dana Brooke, who was peppering Bayley with cheap shots in an effort to soften her up for Flair. But given Bayley’s very vocal friendship with The Boss, The Huggable One’s response was oddly … subdued.

It’s unsurprising that Charlotte would try to find a loophole in the circumstances that led to her loss — she is a Flair, after all. What is surprising is that Bayley (who didn’t see Sasha help her out during the match, as she was trapped in the Figure-Eight Leglock) seemed to place some distance between herself and her friend in her response. Is the new champion staying mum on what’s sure to be a talking point for Charlotte, or is she addressing the unsolicited assist from The Boss in private?

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