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The bite before Christmas

The bite before Christmas

AUSTIN, Texas -

T'was five days before Christmas,
And all through WWE,
The Superstars were stirring,
In the wake of TLC...

Randy Orton, John Morrison & Jerry Lawler def. WWE Champion The Miz, Alex Riley & Sheamus (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The ghosts of The Miz's past, present and future came back to haunt him inside the ring. Teaming up with Alex Riley & Sheamus, the WWE Champion faced Randy Orton, John Morrison & Jerry "The King" Lawler in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. During the bout, The Viper decisively damaged Miz with a surprising RKO, which allowed Lawler to roll him up for the pin.

Afterward, the Raw GM arranged a second Raw match to take place at Tuesday night's live SmackDown event: WWE Champion The Miz will clash with The Viper, Randy Orton. In the wake of the announcement, "The Cleveland Screamer" and Orton continued to brawl until Miz ran up the entrance ramp. 

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero vs. John Cena in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match on SmackDown live Tuesday night (WATCH)
After berating her main squeeze, Dolph Ziggler, for losing to John Cena, SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero arranged a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. She and her Intercontinental Champion boyfriend will tackle Cena on a special, live edition of SmackDown Tuesday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network, as part of WWE Week.

John Cena def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a Non-Title Match (WATCH: PART 1 | PART 2 | PHOTOS)
Fresh off their respective victories at WWE TLC, John Cena and Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler each wanted to say a few words to the WWE Universe. Unfortunately for WWE's 2010 Superstar of the Year, Ziggler, accompanied by his mouthy girlfriend Vickie Guerrero, had no qualms about interrupting his fellow Superstar. Rather than listen to Ziggler's noise, the Raw GM arranged a match pitting him against Cena.

A resurrected Cena proved too overpowering for his foe, who defeated the Intercontinental Champion in solid fashion. After the bout, however, CM Punk left the Raw announce table and ambushed Cena with a steel chair across the back.

WWE Tag Team Champion Santino Marella & Tamina def. Ted DiBiase & Maryse (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Love conquers all. Look no further than Santino Marella & Tamina. Not only did amore overpower the unlikely pairing, it also helped the couple defeat Ted DiBiase & Maryse. Their chemistry allowed them to best the former "golden couple" when Tamina managed to pin her blonde counterpart.

U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan def. William Regal (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The student became the teacher when United States Champion Daniel Bryan faced off against William Regal. The Englishman, a former trainer and mentor of Bryan, battled his apt pupil in a non-title bout. In the end, it was Bryan who managed to teach Regal a thing or two.

After his victory, Bryan scored another win when his companions of late, Brie and Nikki Bella, each laid a sweet lip lock on the U.S. Champion.

Melina def. Eve and Alicia Fox in a Triple Threat Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Melina must enjoy pain. How else to explain why she would slap Natalya when the Divas Champion tried to congratulate her on her victory moments earlier? The Latina lovely had defeated Eve and Alicia Fox in a Triple Threat Match to earn No. 1 contender status for the Divas Championship. Prior to their future championship bout, however, Melina sent a clear shot across the bow of the S.S. Nattie with her five finger affront before storming off.

Raw General Manager announced main event (WATCH)
It was enough to sap the Christmas spirit right out of the arena. After retaining the WWE Title at WWE TLC the night before, The Miz entered the ring bearing the gift of gab. As he bragged about his controversial victory over Randy Orton, his acolytes, Alex Riley and Michael Cole, joined him, representing the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present, respectively. His heart two sizes too small, Miz ripped The Viper and then trained his verbal fire onto John Morrison, who defeated Sheamus at WWE TLC to claim No. 1 contender status.

Having heard enough, The Shaman of Sexy confronted his former tag team partner. The situation became so heated, in fact, that Miz and Riley attacked Morrison, prompting Jerry "The King" Lawler to come to his aid. The fracas erupted further when the 2010 King of the Ring sprinted down to join the attack on Morrison.

As the WWE Champion exited up the entrance ramp, the anonymous Raw General Manager interrupted, arranging the night's main event, a Six-Man Tag Team Match pitting Miz, Riley & Sheamus against Morrison, Lawler & Orton, who then surprised the WWE Champion with a clothesline on the entrance ramp.

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