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Party pooper

Party pooper

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Imagine you're rubbing elbows at a high-profile shindig alongside such Superstars as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Eric Bischoff and Mick Foley.

Now imagine that each and every one of those Superstars craves your head on a platter.


It's a nightmare scenario that very well could play out for Mr. McMahon next week when Raw celebrates its 15th anniversary with a special three-hour broadcast.

Pulling out all the stops, the Chairman invited a veritable galaxy of Superstars to join the celebration, including the eminent names mentioned above. Unfortunately, due to Mr. McMahon's behavior these many years, it's a list churning with 15 years worth of animosity, contempt and resentment toward him.

Then again, if Mr. McMahon hadn't invited Superstars -- both past and present -- who sneer at the mere thought of his mane, next week's party would be an awful lonely one indeed.

Despite being warned by his daughter Stephanie that his presence might only serve to antagonize his foes, a defiant Mr. McMahon insisted that he would attend next week's anniversary show. He told her that not only did he look forward to having a McMahon family portrait taken during the festivities but that he'll also use the occasion to announce the biggest star in Raw history.

"If anybody has a problem with that, then they can go straight to hell!" Mr. McMahon bellowed, his usual restraint intact.

After all, it's his party, and he'll cry if he wants to … and maybe even if he doesn't.

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