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Legend Killer's delight

Legend Killer's delight

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- WWE Champion Randy Orton hates to say he told you so … well, not really. He loves to say he told you so. And after defeating Shawn Michaels last night at Survivor Series to retain his WWE Title, Orton is taking great satisfaction in rubbing in his victory to critics who predicted an abrupt end to his championship reign.

"I did what I said what was going to do," the Legend Killer said. "I told you that Sweet Chin Music or not, I would own Shawn Michaels, and I did."

Well, for a guy who "owned" Michaels, Orton sure appeared to come very close to losing on several occasions last night at Survivor Series. Due to a pre-match stipulation, HBK could not use Sweet Chin Music, but he surprised Orton with a variety of submission holds, nearly making him tap out to a Sharpshooter, a crossface and an anklelock.

But The Showstopper's reliance on Sweet Chin Music eventually turned out to be his undoing. When Michaels had Orton reeling at a key moment in the match, he almost attempted the superkick. The Legend Killer capitalized on that hesitation with a quick, lethal and match-ending RKO.

"I took away his greatest weapon, Sweet Chin Music, and he couldn't do anything against me," Orton crowed. "I'm at the top of my game; I'm in my prime. Shawn Michaels is not. It's time for this one-man dynasty to move on to other things now."

So, Orton has cemented his "one-man dynasty" with a victory over Michaels. His era has truly begun. But has he heard the last of HBK, especially since his nemesis laid him out once again with Sweet Chin Music after the final bell at Survivor Series? And will anybody else step up to the plate and try to bring an end to Orton's dynasty? Tune in to Raw tonight at 9/8 CT live on USA Network.

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