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Regal rules Britannia

Regal rules Britannia

Though he has loudly and frequently proclaimed his superiority over the years, William Regal, the former General Manager of Raw and 2008 King of the Ring, now has yet another superlative to boast about to the WWE Universe: Two-time Intercontinental Champion.

On Nov. 10, in the British Brawler's homeland of England, William Regal defeated Santino Marella to win the Intercontinental Title. While still celebrating with his lovely consort Layla, WWE.com caught up with the 2008 King of the Ring to get his feelings on his impressive victory.

 "What kind of question is that, ‘How does it feel?'? It feels wonderful. Of course it was impressive, I'm impressive," the British Brawler snarled. "And I fully intend to be -- it's quite a stale word, ‘greatest' -- the most domineering Intercontinental Champion of all time, and that's a bold statement."

He continued, "There are some incredible wrestlers in that list, but I'm going to outshine them all, and I fully intend on making every title defense a truly spectacular event."

Regal had reason to act even more cocky and elitist than his usual insufferable self -- not only had he won the Intercontinental Championship, but he had the added bonus of doing so in front of a sold-out audience in Manchester, England, that cheered their countryman's defeat of the Italian Superstar. Even after defeating Santino with a brutal knee to the temple, the new Intercontinental Champion refused to let up on his defeated foe, issuing a post-match verbal assault.

"I don't like Italians -- do you know what the Italian battle flag is?" the 2008 King of the Ring queried. "It's a white cross on a white background … It was nice to finally shut [Santino] up. He's like a monkey -- he entertains me. I think I might keep him [around] to entertain me like a court jester, because I guarantee after the beating he took tonight, he certainly won't want a rematch."

This arrogance and sense of entitlement comes easily to the new Intercontinental Champion as his gold-laden résumé also includes being a four-time European Champion, five-time Hardcore Champion and four reigns as World Tag Team Champion with various partners. When reminded that Raw is also home to another coveted championship, the cocksure British Brawler had this to add:

"I'll leave Batista and Jericho and Randy Orton to squabble over the World Heavyweight Championship, but people will know who the real champion of WWE is, and I will prove myself time and time again."

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